The 2019 18th Annual LBI Spring Derby is over - Congrats to all of the anglers who participated, caught fish and won prizes!

Dates: Saturday, April 27th, 2019 @ 00:00:01 AM
To: Sunday, June 23th 2019 @ 6:00:00 PM

2019 Spring Derby Leader Board

The Long Beach Island “Spring Derby” Surf Fishing Tournament is a fun 9 Week way for anglers to enjoy surf fishing the beaches of LBI. Once called Simply Bassin’, a bluefish division was added in 2018 due to popular demand. Hence the name change. Sticking to the roots, it is a simple and most importantly a low kill tournament format which DOES NOT have daily, weekly segment prizes. Only the top three striped bass and top bluefish are awarded by weight. Catches that do not beat the leader board can be release or responsibly harvest for a delicious dinner.

(Spring Derby Rules PDF Download)


Spring Derby Tournament Rules & Requirements

  • Register & Weigh-In Only at the Follow Participating Shops:
    - Fisherman’s Headquarters, Ship Bottom P:609.494.5739
    - Jingles Bait & Tackle, Beach Haven P:609.492.2795
    - Surf City Bait & Tackle, Surf City P:609.494.2333

  • Fish must be caught from the shores of Long Beach Island only; ocean, inlet, bay and jetties. No Boat Fish!

  • Fish must be caught by means of rod and reel in accordance with NJ State and Federal regulations.

  • A contestant may only win one cash prize.

  • The tournament standings (leader board) will be posted online at www.LBIFT.com

  • From the time that a fish strikes or takes a bait or lure, only the angler may handle the rod reel and/or line.

  • Weigh-in at participating shop only during regular store hours. Check with individual shops, hours may vary.

  • To weigh in a fish, contestant MUST have the Tournament Registration Form which is received when signing up. No exceptions. Lost forms will require re-registering for the event at an additional fee of $20.

  • Fish size is based primarily on weight. Should two bass have identical weights, first the length then the girth will be considered. The final tie breaker will be date of catch with the earliest weigh-in time winning.

  • Contestants agree to allow the tournament to take and use fish/angler photos for publicity purposes.

  • Contestants must personally weigh in fish within 24-hours of catching it. However, on the last day of the tournament, Sunday June 23th at 6:00:00 PM Noon the tournament will end. All anglers must leave the beach with enough time to be at a weigh-in station before this deadline. *Exception: Should there be a line at a weigh-in station then fish will still qualify if the angler is present at the weigh-in station scale before the deadline.

  • Neither beach conditions nor beach access are guaranteed by Tournament Committee. No Refunds.

  • The Tournament Committee will review all signed protests. Anonymous protests will not be considered.

  • Weigh Masters have the right to cut open or mark a fish after it has been weighed and may hold a fish for inspection.

  • All contestants must register for the tournament prior to fish being caught and submitting their catch. By registering for this tournament the angler acknowledges that they know, understand, and agree to follow and abide by these Rules & Requirements set forth herein.

  • Tournament Committee may require any contestant submit to a polygraph test. This test must be completed within 15-days of the request without any reservations by the contestant. Failure would automatically eliminate the contestant and their catch; furthermore, forfeiture of any and all prizes and sign-up fees.

  • Tournament Committee has the right to eliminate any fish they deem in violation of the Rules & Requirements.

  • All Tournament Committee decisions are final.

2019 18th Annual LBI Spring Derby

Long Beach Island’s Spring Surf Fishing Tournament

STARTS: Saturday, April 27th, 2019 @ 00:00:01 AM
ENDS: Sunday, June 23th 2019 @ 6:00:00 PM

$20 - Registration Fee For All Anglers

100% Pay Out Prize Structure

Striped Bass Prizes:
1st Place 40% Payout, 2nd Place 25% Payout, 3rd Place 20% Payout

Bluefish Prizes:
1st Place 15% Payout


Side Note For Conservation Minded Anglers - The tournament put on a catch and release tournament for two consecutive years 2015 & 2016. Unfortunately the participation was very poor. Maybe it was before the trend; however, it proved that a lot of anglers responsibly fish to enjoy the outdoor experience and the reward of a delicious dinner. Sticking to its roots, the Spring Tournament is a simple and most importantly a low kill format which only awards four fish. Tournament anglers solely decided to catch and release or responsibly harvest in compliance with state conservation regulations.

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